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  • "I am alive. I am here. I am trying. That is enough."
    words you should recite while having an anxiety attack.  (via jappan)

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 soft grunge/models 
LADIES: 10 signs you have found the one….
    "¿Ya has visto sus ojos?
    No lo hagas. Puedes perderte, y jamás volver a encontrarte."
    Heber Snc Nur (via tormentadepensamientos)

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    Wake up, look me in the eyes again…
I need to feel your hands upon my face! Words can be like knives, they can cut you open… I can feel you flowing in me, you gotten into my bloodstream….
    "A pretty face gets old, a nice body will change. But the good woman will always be a good woman."
    mrs-krts.tumblr.com (via mrs-krts)

    Hmmm im not sure of that.

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